Actually, don’t bother me with original stuff


Your Work Is Good and Original, But What is Original Is Not Good; What Is Good Is Not Original


(…) the new idea is resisted to the limit in the first instance and the bearer of the new idea is reviled and castigated, marginalized and ignored. If the new idea still manages to break through the formidable defenses of the system then a different tactic comes into play and the idea is co-opted, it is made forthwith into the new orthodoxy and so the ultra-conservative, neo-phobic system gets to survive after all (…)

This is like the punk movement of the seventies after it become a mere fashion trend, after it became just another way of seeking approval, another way of trying to ‘fit in’. Because it has been approved by the establishment, it is the establishment. The mere fact that we have been taught a particular poem at school, or given a particular novel to read, is enough to send us to sleep. Everything about the system has the function of putting us to sleep — that is the whole point of a ‘closed system’. ‘Closed’ equals ‘asleep’, ‘open’ equals ‘awake’.

Right Holders

(…) The Art that artists transmit contains all sorts of information that they first received from Culture. This might be language, symbols, aesthetics, references of all kinds. This information has to freely flow between humans for Art to exist, especially under adverse conditions. Just like information has to flow between neurons for Thought to exist. It’s through this flow that culture stays alive and we stay connected to each other. Ideas can flow in and out, and they change little as they go along and that’s called innovation or progress. But thanks to copyright we live in a regime where some information can go in but it can’t come out(…)

Nina Paley

(…) Copyright activates our internal censors. Internal censorship is the enemy of creativity because it halts expression before it can even begin. If you’re asking “am I allowed to use this?” you may have surrendered your internal authority to lawyers, legislators and corporations. Whenever we censor our expression we close a little more and information flows a little less. The less information flows, the more it stagnates. Evolution, progress and innovation stall. And this is what we call “permission culture”. When you shut up neurons to preventing them from transmitting signals we call that “brain damage”(…)


There are multiple responses of the body to brain injury. The immediate response can take many forms. Initially, there may symptoms such as swelling, pain, bruising, or loss of consciousness.

Aphasia is the loss or impairment of word comprehension or use. Apraxia is a motor disorder caused by damage to the brain, and may be more common in those who have been left brain damaged, with loss of mechanical knowledge critical.[16] Headaches, occasional dizziness, or fatigue, all temporary symptoms of brain trauma, may become permanent, or may not disappear for a long time.

There are documented cases of lasting psychological effects as well, such as emotional swings often caused by damage to the various parts of the brain that control human emotions and behavior. Some who have experience emotional changes related to brain damage may have emotions that come very quickly and are very intense, but have very little lasting effect.

I do not mean go plagiarize stuff.

Make it your own.

Consciously recognize the unconscious mechanism of self censorship that result from years of indoctrination



Be Obvious And Eliminate Fear

from French improviser or its source, Italian improvvisare, from improvviso ‘extempore,’ from Latin improvisus ‘unforeseen,’ based on provisus, past participle of providere ‘make preparation for.’

“I began to think of children not as immature adults, but of adults as atrophied children… “I decided just before my ninth birthday not to believe anything the grown ups said. The next day, I decided to always see if the opposite could be true. I think it changed my life, I’ve been doing it ever since. It taught me to be looking for the obvious and not the clever. The obvious is really your true self. The clever is an imitation of somebody else”


“It’s this decision not to try and control the future which allows the students to be spontaneous.”

So cleverness is about the past and future. Obviousness is very much about the present. It is of-the-moment. The present is wondrous. We don’t live there often enough. The past and future are “important.” We spend too much time there.



A few things must be said again and again; we never feel worn out on them, since we never completely learn them.



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